This is the story of a child of Africa

An African baby sold into slavery in England
An African child robbed of his people, his language, his name, his faith and his culture
An African child who was destined to become Nottingham’s First Black businessman.

This is a story that is TRUE and it is a story full of unanswered questions

“George Africanus – From Slavery to Freedom and Citizenship” is a project of Belong Nottingham that has been made possible thanks to an award in 2013 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The aims of the project are to

Document the history of George Africanus as an inspirational local figure and bring it to a wider audience
Inspire and involve local people

We will do this by

Recruiting, supporting and training people to get involved with the project
Communicating our work to a wider audience through exhibitions, the internet and community events
Providing educational resources and matrials


Heritage lottery fund


Background to the project

In 2012, following consultation with their membership, Belong Nottingham recognised a need to celebrate African heritage and its historical contribution to Nottingham. It was proposed that a good start was to gain inspiration from the life story of George Africanus, who was brought to England at the age of three from Sierra Leone as a slave and went on to become Nottingham’s first black entrepreneur.

An approach was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund resulting in a successful bid for financial support. The project commenced in July 2013 and we are hopeful that it will continue for the future posterity of diverse communities in Nottingham and further afield.



Belong is a registered charity based in Nottingham and we aim to support a variety of individuals within the local community. We are a multi cultural workforce, committed to working for and with the local community encouraging social inclusion within society. You can find out more about us here

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